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Propagation Info
Updated: 3.25.2014
 RDCAG Info: 
RRTF/Dallas Go Kit System Diagram      .pdf
This is a block diagram showing the interconnect between each piece of equipment for the Go-Kit set up. The exact interconnects may differ a bit from kit to kit. The Computer, VHF items (CRF-DM) for VHF Paclink and HF antenna are not part of the Go-Kit and are operator supplied.

Go Kit Package Description      .pdf
A short document showing the equipment and where in the kit each piece is located. Not all kits will be the same. TF/Dallas has Kits 5 and 6. We do not have a VHF kit for either.

FEMA ICS-213 Form in .rtf format      .rtf
The ICS-213 in the above format provides the smallest file size for HF transmission. When edited with Notepad the resultant file is still small. When a PDF is needed, the program CutePDF produces a small PDF file.

ICOM IC-718 Manual      .pdf
The IC-718 is the HF radio as part of the Winlink/Pactor equipment.

LDG AT-100Pro Manual      .pdf
The AT-100Pro is the kit antenna tuner for the IC-718.

PTC-IIex Manual      .pdf
The Pactor HF TNC which is part of the Winlink/Pactor equipment.
 USCG Field Operations Guide      .pdf
An excellent reference for Event and Incident Training and Operations.

 AUXCOM Field Operations Guide      .pdf
An excellent reference for Amateur Radio Support Communications.

 National Interoperability Field Operations Guide V1.6.1      downloads
Latest version of technical reference material for radio technicians in disaster response.

 Ionograms      HTML & PNG
Click on "EG931" for Elgin, then 2011 on the next page. Now select current month and day, then the time. Be sure and select a time one hour earlier than local time to compensate for longitudal differences. Look for foF2.

 MUF Map      Graphic
Latest Near Real Time MUF Map.

 RRTF/D Info: 
RRTF SOP (Draft)     .pdf
This document is the Standard Operating Procedures for Rapid Response Task Force Operations for the State of Texas. This Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is to establish procedures under which a Rapid Response Task Force (RRTF) will mobilize, deploy, conduct response operations and either demobilize or transition to recovery operations.

Medical Intake Form      Word 07       .pdf
This is the medical intake form used by the medical staff and is collected at staging.

Overhead Check-In Sheet Form      .pdf      Example   .pdf
This is the 211 Personnel Intake Form and is collected at staging.

Equipment Check-In Sheet Form      .pdf
This is the 211 Equipment/Resource Intake Form and is collected at staging.Use this form if you are driving your personal vehicle and/or towing a trailer.

Supplemental Check-In Sheet Form      .pdf
This is the 211 Supplememtal Intake Form and is collected at staging.

Reimbursement Request Form      .xls
IRS W9 Form      .pdf
These are the two forms that you will need to submit your request for reimbursement.

For questions or additional information contact:
John Galvin - N5TIM, ARRL OES
Point of Contact, NTX RDCAG Amateur Radio Team