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Texas Executive Order RP57 created the mobile rapid response task force teams and placed the TDPS in charge of command, control and communications for the task forces. There are now three light teams and one heavy team. Dallas, Waco and Austin are the light teams staging areas while the heavy team stages in San Antonio. Each team takes its name from it's staging location.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has created a Communications Coordinating Group (CCG) as part of the statewide response plan. Under this new group, Amateur Radio Communicators have been given a role in the response plan. The teams will each have amateur radio communicators from the Military Auxiliary Radio Service, State RACES and local ARES©/RACES groups. Each group has an assignment in the response plan. In 2010 the CCG was moved to the DPS Communications Group for command and control.

The Communications Coordinating Group
The CCG operates from Austin and coordinates the communications needs of the task forces. There are Amateur Radio coordinators assigned to work in the CCG to direct the response of the amateur radio communicators required by the task force. There is a coordinator for each element of the amateur radio response. MARS, State RACES and ARES®/RACES each have a coordinator(s). The ARES©/RACES element is coordinated by the ARES© coordinator(s).

Task Force / Dallas
The RRTF Dallas, one of four state level teams, is comprised of personnel and equipment from around the North Texas Region to include, Texas Military Forces, Department of Public Safety, Emergency Management elements, Fire Department elements, major Telecommunications providers and FEMA. These are professional folks from a variety of professions. All phases of task force operations is guided by ICS and NIMS doctrine. Command and control is directed by the state EOC in Austin. The Task Forces are named for their respective staging areas.

Task Force / Dallas - Amateur Radio Communicator
The Task Force / Dallas Amateur Radio communicators come mostly from the north Texas area and come from the various public service communications groups. They come from county and city ARES© groups, local RACES groups, MARS groups and Texas State RACES. MARS communicators are embeded with the Texas Military Forces, Texas State RACES supports the state EOC and Texas DPS Disaster District offices while the local ARES© and RACES individuals support the task force, local governments and served agencies in the affected area. Each group complements the others. All communicators assigned to the task force stage and deploy with their respective team. The information on this web page relates mainly to the local ARES© and RACES individuals who comprise the TRRF/Dallas Amateur Radio Communications Team. There are specific training requirements for members of these communications teams. (See FAQ)

  General characteristics of a Task Force Amateur Radio Communicator

Typical Activation Scenario (Hurricane)
The State Emergency Operations Center will activate the Task Force based on Intelligence concerning a potential disaster or incident. A typical "planned" activation is as follows;

Incidents such as Wildfire, Tornado, and such require a more immediate type of response not having the advance notification as in the scenario above.

The Amateur Radio Communicator intake form can be found at: Task Force EmCom Responder Form

A list of frequently Asked Questions can be found here: Dallas - RRTF F.A.Q.

The TF Communicator Documents can be found here: Task Force Documents

Note: This information is of a general nature to give an overview of what the Task Force is and how the radio amateurs play into this team. N5TIM (3/2010 - Rev. 8/11)