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NTX Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group
The Auxcom/ARES®/RACES EmComm Amateur Radio Communicator

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The Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group (RRCAG) is an Amateur Radio Group of well trained committed amateur radio communicators providing rapid response communications to establish initial communications links in response to disaster or incident needs.

The mission of the Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group is to provide a timely communications and backup resource to include;
The Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group is a group of dedicated amateur radio communicators that are skilled ready responders who can rapidly set up basic radio communications networks under difficult or field circumstances. Team members are committed to continued readiness and education, exhibit a dedication to excellence, maintain a high state of readiness at all times and has the support of family and employer to participate with team deployments.

The Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group is comprised of dedicated, well trained and qualified Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARESŪ), Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) and Auxcom members from across North Texas. From the Group, Deployment teams are formed and can be either a Task Force or a Strike Team, consisting of up to seven members per force or team or Single Resource (X2). Deployment Teams are available for short or long duration activations.

Team members should be active with their local EmCom groups with priority given to their Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group training and deployment.

The Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group is proficient in Winlink (Radio Email) operations to include establishing store and forward functions using VHF and HF radios. The team can also provide support for local operation to include RMS Packet, base and mobile operations as well as shadow coverage. The team also has 2.4 MHz MESH short haul network implementation and technical capability.

The group is proficient in HF voice and digital message transmission as well as localized VHF/UHF voice and digital support. Group Members must meet a set of training requirements and capabilities for group consideration and retention. The Group can also support short term Mutual Assistance Teams to quickly assist neighboring Region, Section or Districts until local EmComm resources can be mustered.

Members of the Rapid Response Communications Assistance Group come from throughout North Texas area and should be active members of their local EmComm group. Members serve at their pleasure and must agree to participate in regular training, complete required courses, make deployment preparations and remain active with their local groups. As team members develop expertise, they should share their knowledge with their local group members thus increasing the overall value of the group.
Member characteristics include but are not limited to the following;

There are specific training requirements for members of the communications group. (See Basic Requirements)

  General characteristics of a Response Group Amateur Radio Communicator

The Amateur Radio Communicator intake form can be found at: RDCAG EmCom Responder Form

A list of frequently Asked Questions can be found here: F.A.Q.

RRCAG Communicator Documents can be found here: Documents

Note: This information is of a general nature to give an overview of what the RRCAG is and how the radio amateurs are involved in this group. N5TIM (3/2010 - Rev. 5/12-12/15-1/16)